Lung Therapeutics, Inc. Receives FDA Orphan Drug Designation for Lead Drug Candidate LTI-01

December 2, 2014

FDA Orphan Drug Designation gives Lung Therapeutics a seven-year US market exclusivity for LTI-01 in the treatment of empyema, typically a complication of pneumonia. LTI-01 is designed to reduce fibrinous scars in the lung cavity to allow fluid drainage without the need for surgery. AUSTIN, TX — December 2, 2014 —  Lung Therapeutics, Inc., a...

Lung Therapeutics, Inc. Funded to Address Unmet Needs in Lung Injury and Disease

October 29, 2014

Lung Therapeutics, Inc. (LTI) a pharmaceutical company focused on developing orphan drug indications for lung injury and disease, recently announced that it closed $1,550,000 of its initial Series A Preferred Stock financing. by Isaura Santos BIONEWS TEXAS READ FULL ARTICLE...

Pharma start-up Lung Therapeutics, Inc. achieves significant funding to address unmet needs in lung injury and disease

October 28, 2014

Lung Therapeutics closes $1,550,000 of its initial Series A Preferred Stock financing, with additional milestone-driven commitments totaling $2,750,000. AUSTIN, TX — October 28, 2014 —  Lung Therapeutics, Inc., a pharmaceutical company focused on niche, orphan drug indications in lung injury and disease, has closed on $1,550,000 in the initial closing of its Series A Preferred...

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